"Love of beauty is Taste. The creation of beauty is Art" - Ralph Waldo Emerson (American poet)

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Vaseline Limited Edition - Crème Brûlée

 Lovers of Vaseline: get excited! Your favourite little round pot just got better! Get it while it's hot - they're going fast.

The limited edition Crème Brûlée Vaseline is available in Selfridges Oxford Street and Manchester Exchange Square 27th Oct - 2nd November and nationwide from 3rd November.


Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Pixi Flawless & Poreless Beauty Primer

Yes! Yes! Yes! Finally a primer that I can actually see results with! The MAC one I bought awhile ago with factor 50 smells a little too much like sun protector so will use that up in Spain over next couple weeks. It's like I have that fresh faced glow, pores are minimised. Trust me, I wasn't glowing this morning when I woke up. I actually had a guy at work look at me this morning and say "you look well Sarah." I wasn't wearing any make-up - it's the primer I tell you! Thank you Pixi!

  • Smooths fine lines, pores instantly disappear

  • Creates a seamless and silky canvas

  • Skin texture improves for a velvet no-shine finish

  • £20.50

    ABOUT ME: Added willow bark extract for natural shine control, salicylic acid to unblock pores long-term and skin-smoothing silica for flawless makeup application on top

    This lightweight formulation also provides around-the-clock moisture and continuous hydration

    This is such a light weight primer – when I wear it I feel like my skin is naked

    Yet the formulation is most effective at keeping lines to a minimum, pores become invisible and no need for powder to absorb excess shine

    Also works great to apply this on top of makeup during the day to even-out skin and refresh my makeup
    Some days this is all you need, no foundation needed on top!