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Friday, 17 December 2010

Scent Commercial Overkill

Geez louise I am kind of getting sick of every second commercial on telly being one for a perfume/cologne/Eau de Toilette/pour homme whatever you want to call it! Chill out already!! We know it's Christmas and everyone should have a new scent to wear!!

Oh and by the way - I really really despise this! Jennifer - you need to take a break from the sun and you look chilly sitting there like that!

Brrr - it's so cold and I am so alone on this rock!


  1. ah haha!

    I do like the Chanel one with Audrey Toutou and the Billie Holiday tune.

  2. Argh - the perfume themes this year are: men glaring and shouting, usually black & white; men stalking women on trains, sepia; women having sex or just having had sex, too dark to tell; women writhing about on the floor after apparently drinking perfume, full color.

    Jenny funny! I immediately wondered if she's troubled by sandy bits in that picture...

  3. tee hee!

    I used to like the Gaultier one with him whispering sexily in her ear in French, translation on the bottom of the screen "You smell nice"

  4. Stacey - I HATE Audrey Toutou commercial - I think I originally liked it but oh my god that song is driving me mental - like - Chanel overkill - ENOUGH!

    Arabella - I know right!? You put it exactly!

    Annie - I've never seen that one - sounds alright. I thought maybe I should stop watching TV but it's so cold and it's my friend on these lonely winter nights.

  5. Is that Audrey one old now? We just got it here. Is there still a super hungry model bird in a cage ad for Chanel? I really should know this stuff...

    The Estee Lauder ones kind of remind me of maxi pad ads from the 80s.

  6. My worst one is for Coco Mademoiselle with Keira Knightley running about trying to look mischievous, but actually looking deranged. I think there is a theme running through all the adverts of women not being appropriately dressed for the weather. It's night time and it's cold, so show us a woman all wrapped up with a pink nose while in the cold for God's sake; not running around in an evening dress minus tights and coat. There's female escapism and there's male fantasy. Worlds apart. Rant over. Can you tell I don't own any perfumes?

  7. Rant away! I agree. I am not watching TV today in protest.