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Monday, 6 December 2010

To Cut or Not to Cut

A Hair Disaster

I was at the hairdressers this weekend to see my lovely hairdresser/friend Tiziana and have a fringe trim, highlights and blow dry. I have been going to Tiziana now for 7 years and am ever faithful even though I usually can't afford what her salon charges anymore. Ouch. However, your hairdresser can be your best friend. Tiziana is one of a few that always tells it to me straight about my appearance (hair and otherwise) and for that I am willing to pay her for her expertise and agony aunt qualities.

One month I got so fed up with my hair but my bank balance wouldn't allow me to make an appointment and most of my friends and family will know that when I get something into my head I don't wait - I have to deal with that issue then and there and this usually backfires. I thought it might be a smart idea to trim myself so I braided two pigtails and scissors in hand proceeded to chop the ends off thinking logically this would be an even cut. Well - to my dismay this was not the case and a friend brought it to my attention because I couldn't see the back of my hair but I had indeed made an upside down V shape. A very large upside down V. After all the money I've spent on my hair I couldn't believe I made such a stupid mess of my locks. I did go to see Tiziana after payday to sort it out and I don't think I've ever seen her eyes widen like that. She just looked at me and said "we're going to have to cut it off short" and I said just trim as best you can and I will live with it till it grows out. I think she also said "what the f--- have you done to your hair". Indeed.

So the moral of the story is ladies - even though you might "think" you know what you're doing unless you're trained in some fashion I really think you're best to leave the cutting to the professionals and if you're short on cash just grin and bear it till you can afford it.

Any other hair disaster stories?


  1. Tee hee! I love it. You were like an 80s rock guitar, in hair form.

    I wasn't keen on my Vidal Sassoon training school cut:


    Also see A Life in Hair...


  2. Well i guess there is no need to scold you because you have scolded yourself...but cutting your hair YOURSELF????? The hair gods will never approve of a decision like that. Personally...hmmm...i am too big of a chicken to do anything myself.

  3. Annie - it really was an 80's guitar shape - hah!

    Chris - never again and you should be chicken. I will never ever do again.