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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

She's Got Legs!!

So I don't have time or money to get my legs waxed right now. I had been stressing about what I was going to do for the last few days. I have a really cute new pair of shorts and I wanted to get my pins out! I usually use Veet waxing strips but I am getting annoyed with them - they are great for the bikini line but no - it's not easy to wax the back of your legs. And no - I don't want my friend to do it for me despite what the commercials say is acceptable. And it's messy - and sticky. I would not 4 star this product. You need patience and a cool environment.

I have in the past used hair removal cream and I remember it gave me a slight rash so I didn't touch it again for years but I grabbed this from Veet. I tried it last night and it worked just fine and rash free this morning. I have researched on the Web and they say they DO NOT test on animals so if you're busy and want to wear that skirt or shorts definitely try this out. I would go for the one for sensitive skin. Only drawback is a funny smell (but it is burning your hair off). Make sure to exfoliate and moisturise to avoid ingrown hairs!


  1. Hey Sar – I epilate. It's pretty painful first go, but your body gets used to it. Hair stays gone for ages and good for your skin/follicles. You will have to borrow mine :)

  2. Hi Lins! I did have one and my body never got used to it! Way too painful but yes - if you like a little pain then a good option:)

  3. I quite like the boots own strips - they're not great so you use loads but they don't hurt as much as the really sticky ones

  4. Thanks Sparkly! Will try next.