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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Tan Enhancers

I was lucky to spend time with my friends Hattie and Tammy this past weekend in Whitstable, Kent. We were so blessed with the weather and I did manage catch the sun (and wore sunscreen of course). I never seem to bronze right away - I have millions of freckles and they sure came out. I don't mind them - I can deal but I like to even them out a little and have been on the lookout for a bronzer.

I decided to try Bronzing Rocks from the experts in suncare and tan enhancment St. Tropez. I purchased them because they have multiple uses and they give me that "hi, I'm a North American girl with natural sun kissed skin" look.

The Bronzing Rocks can be used in a number of ways - dip a bronzing brush into the rocks and gently swirl around to gather powder on the brush, then apply to the forehead, bridge of nose, cheeks and decolletage for a bronzed and glowing look.

You can also pick up the rocks with your fingers and apply as an eye shadow or even on the lips with a clear gloss.

Will last a very, very long time.

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