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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Wedding Make-up


Well I certainly am in the right place for wedding fever! It's all gone a bit Pete Tong here in London town. I don't profess to love the Royal Family - I think that they have too much money for nothing but I find myself somewhat touched by this couple. They really do seem like they are in love and I think Kate is really genuine and pretty to look at. Not horsey which is a good start for their children. Mixing up the genes never hurt. 

I love a good bride I do. I especially love it when they keep things natural and simple. You should be glowing from the inside out on your wedding day or you're probably marrying the wrong man.

Just a couple of rules to follow:

a) If you're not happy with the makeup the artist has just applied TELL THEM. Do not just sit there and inwardly fester. This is one of the biggest days of your life and there will be photos. You cannot photo shop your face out of them.

b) A lot of people will be kissing you including your man. Don't make him wear your lipstick too. Get a product like Lipcote which you put over the colour of choice to ensure it stays on your lips only. I wouldn't use a gloss either - most guys I know hate kissing a girl with loads of sticky gloss. Exfoliate your lips beforehand with a product like this to get rid of dry skin.

c) You'll be smiling a lot (I hope) so whiten the teeth a couple weeks before using Blanx Extrawhite Intensive  Whitening Treatment - I have used and really saw results.

d) Do not turn yourself into an orange. I know everybody likes to have some colour blah blah but gosh how pretty pale skin can be - work your makeup for a retro feel.

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