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Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Irene Sheri Red Summer

London and heatwave are two words you don't usually hear together but yes it was extremely hot over the weekend. I still haven't slept a wink and now that it's cooled down today I am hoping things will go back to normal. Here are a few tips for keeping cool and staying fabulous.

Go Natural. I don't mean your birthday suit (but you can if you want!)
I am talking about fabrics, natural fabrics. On hot days cotton, lightweight at best is your friend. Synthetics will do nothing more than stick to your body and retain heat. It's a scientific fact that dark colors absorb heat and light colors reflect. Keep it light from the colors to the fabrics and your body will be very grateful.

Give Clean Face
Powder and foundation should be off limits. Nothing looks worse than a melting face. The dewiness that your skin will produce is actually sexier than a matte blob. Keep the makeup limited to mascara, lip color and maybe just maybe a hint of bronzer.

Keep the liquor, coffee, tea and soda to a minimum. Water is your friend. It will help you stay cool, keep your sweating down and you will flush out toxins setting the path for amazing skin. Carry a bottle of water with you and you'll be much calmer than you've expected.


Manufacturers make lots of claims about the ingredients in their facial mists but it's fine to just use tap water in a spray bottle and keep in the fridge overnight. If you have some extra dosh I can recommend this one.

£14.00 - L'Occitane Olive Tree Organic Toning Face Mist
Lightweight, fast absorbing, non-greasy toner. Contains a blend of organic olive tree leaf extract, olive water & olive oil. Offers long lasting hydration, protection & radiance. Instantly leaves skin fresh, supple & lightly vegetal scented with hints of citrus. Suitable for all skin types. Apply to clean, dry face / neck or anytime of day.

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  1. Great post Sarah
    I've always wanted to get a facial mist and will have to try one now that you approve.