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Monday, 20 June 2011

Moustache Mania


My Dad is the inspiration for this post.  He's had a moustache for as long as I have known him and he might have even started growing one from birth because I have never ever seen a photo of him without one! I have no idea what he'd look like without and I don't want to know. It would be like taking away his mojo or something. Weird and scary and all the sudden the world wouldn't be a safe place anymore. His moustache comforts me. Anyhow my Mum is trying to convince him to shave it off and I am telling him to take a stand and tell her to step off!

If you're thinking about growing one gentlemen, ask yourself - can you really carry it off? You have to become one with it and own it! It's no laughing matter. Get a fake one and trial it - if your girlfriend/wife is repelled by the idea it's probably best not to go for this look.

How to Trim a Moustache

Guide on Grooming your Moustache

There are many ways to groom a moustache. Decide how you want yours to look before following these instructions.
  • Step 1. Wet your moustache slightly.
  • Step 2. Use a fine-tooth moustache comb to brush the hair down.
  • Step 3. Clip the hair on your moustache's outer edges with a pair of thin scissors. Remember to clip conservatively.
  • Step 4. Snip across the bottom of the moustache.
  • Step 5. Trim the body of the moustache to achieve the desired evenness and bushiness, and to clip errant hairs.
  • Step 6. Touch up the top of the moustache with a razor until you have the desired line. If you have an unusual moustache, such as a pencil-thin or handle-bar moustache, use more or less use of the razor as appropriate. Take care not to shave off the top of the moustache accidentally.
  • Step 7. Comb again with the moustache comb.


Work carefully. Clipping even a small amount of hair can change the appearance of a moustache greatly.

A beard trimmer is an excellent tool for reducing the bushiness.

For fancier styles, use moustache wax to shape or groom.


  1. Here, here to facial hair!
    secret: I don't think my Dad could grow a moustache.

  2. Brilliant post! Very funny, and I say this as being generally anti-facial hair, your dad is the exception. Long live his moustache!