"Love of beauty is Taste. The creation of beauty is Art" - Ralph Waldo Emerson (American poet)

Friday, 11 March 2011

Interview With Linsey

Linsey is a good friend of mine whom I have known for quite awhile now. I suppose we originally met because she and I shared a boyfriend (at different times and she had him first). It's a strange twist of affairs but I love her - we always have fun (sometimes more than we should). She's an ex-Glaswegian and a muse for me because she always looks amazing and has excellent taste. Oh yes - we also share a love of beardy men. So thank you to my favourite Scot for taking the time out today.

1) What is your evening and morning beauty regimes?

I'm pretty low-maintenance – in the morning I just slap on some Weleda Rose Day Cream and Kiehl's tinted moisturiser before I go out. At night I cleanse and then use Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. It's expensive, but it has a pipette, so it feels like science. I'm a sucker for a pipette.

2) What are some of your beauty tips if any?

Keep it simple. Rather than overload your face with lots of different products, invest in a few great ones. A good cleanser and a great moisturiser/tinted moisturiser is pretty much all you need. And the fewer ingredients the better, especially ones with made-up names such as Boswelox or Youthadrine or whatever.
I gave up smoking recently and have been amazed by the improvement in my skin. I am planning to start drinking water at some point, but it is so very boring.

3) Favourite product?

My favourite product used to be Shu Uemura Cleansing Beauty Oil. But since I've given up my job, I'm looking into making my own cleansing oil, using Castor oil, extra virgin olive oil and some essential oils. I'm going thrifty! Argan oil is also great. I think for ladies of a certain age, we need to preserve ourselves in oils :)
My makeup staple is Mac's Brow Set. After some zealous over-plucking in the 90s, I have to draw in my brows every day and this looks the most natural. Apparently you can also use it on your sideburns. (http://www.maccosmetics.com/product/shaded/149/305/Brow-Set/index.tmpl)

4) Favourite scent and why?

I don't really like scents too much – I hate when people smell too cloying or unnatural, especially on public transport – I actually think it's just as rude to inflict your stink on other people as it is to have crap headphones – it's nose assault. I sometimes use Kiehl's Musk body lotion. Body lotions give a much nicer, more gentle waft of a smell.

5) What is a complete turn off in a man grooming wise?

Oh, difficult – there are SO many, poor souls :) As mentioned, any overpowering aftershave/scent is horrible (those Lynx effect ads should show actually women running for the hills, covering their noses), as is any kind of complicated hairstyle that needs product. Over groomed can be worse than under groomed.

6) What is a complete turn on?

Simple things – an out-of shower smell, a good haircut, nice shoes. And a beard, obviously.

7) What look do you despise for girls out there - anything you wish would disappear?

I just don't get that weird, super-tanned, mega-makeup'd, ultra-dyed hair look. Let your natural beauty shine through ladies! I also hate people who look young and beautiful – they're just showing off.


  1. Great She - what is a meme? Sorry I really have no clue.

  2. You invite 5 people or so to answer the questionnaire, post the answers on their blog and then ask a further five people. The idea is to make it viral and there's lots of cross linking, mutual promotion and so on. It's a bit old school mind you and people don't do memes that often now but I like them because they make up for my lack of ideas about what to post about.