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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Seche Vite - Dry Fast Coat

£9.95 ASOS

I got so fed up the other day. I can't bear it when I nick my nails on something after spending all that time on them - I thought they were dry!? It's been 2 hours already!

After researching for a couple of days I have found that Seche Vite has had some of the best reviews. I have tested out for you and I can confirm that your polish will last longer - absolutely. It also makes my nails feel stronger which is most welcome.

Nail Technology

Note: I did email Seche about animal testing and they wrote back to me immediately. I like that they did. Respect.

Dear Sarah,
We do not test on animals nor do we contract another agency to test our products on animals however we cannot guarantee the policies of our raw material vendors at this time.
We are in the process of obtaining animal testing statements from our raw material vendors.  The European Union passed a law banning animal testing on ingredients and finished products.  The deadline date for testing is set for March 2013.  Cosmetic raw material vendors are more than aware of this regulation so alternative testing has been implemented.
Since we are a global company we are going to ensure that our products meet the standards of the European Union.
The only product in Seche that contains an animal by-product is Seche Vite Cuticle Crème.  This product contains Lanolin which is a skin conditioning ingredient.
If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us again.
Consumer Relations


  1. Good tip. I think the reason I can never do my own properly is because I am so impatient and don't wait for them to dry long enough...

    BTW I can recommend Maybelline polish,I tried a light brown shade from Superdrug, only applied one coat and even with my rubbish technique it looked pretty good and lasted for days without chipping.

  2. awesome!! thanks for posting this!! I have been looking all over to find out if seche vite was cruelty free!

  3. Wow, I'm so glad they emailed back, and so quick & thoroughly! This answer my questions, thanks!!

  4. Wow, thanks for posting this email from Seche Vite. I really didn't want to give that one up. lol

    I'm curious though, how did you get such a thorough answer from them? Usually when I email companies to ask, they just send me a one sentence "we do not test on animals." I never feel like I can trust it, since it's so curt. I feel like I need a fuller answer. :/

    Anyway, thanks again!