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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Behold! A Great Paint!

Yes - get excited! I want you to! Please let me introduce you to Illamasque nail polish in Velocity. Two words people - purple and pleasure. It goes on matte and it's not thick or goopy. The purple is a very cool shade and I can't stop staring to look at my nails and admire them. I know it might seem that bright purple is a summer color but I can assure you that this looks very good with black or gray. I did have the ladies asking about it at a party a couple weeks ago. At £12.50 it's not for the faint hearted and I swore I wouldn't spend that much on a nail varnish ever again but I can't help it!!! The colours are so pretty!


Artist tip from the site which is quite handy -


Start polishing from the little finger to the thumb and always leave a clear line around the cuticle wall to avoid nail colour bleeding.
Now my dear friend Anne asked if there was a product you could buy that would turn your nail polish matte if it was not a matte shade. Well Anne - I can't seem to find anything but I could be completely wrong. I think you need to purchase a true matte shade such as the one mentioned above. I really like their site as they list the finish next to the colour description. I could see you wearing


Dark plum brown, glossy finish

However you'll have to wait - there's a waiting list! Kind of nail varnish mania I guess.


  1. Ahhh I remember your nail polish nights on York Ave!

    Does all nail polish have Teflon in it?

    I like the grey polish but I look like zombie hand lady. Can you recommend anything else?

  2. OPI does a mattifying top coat. Not sure if you can buy it in the UK though but Sally might stock it or something similar.

  3. GreatShe - that's great to know and welcome! Stacy see my Butter post for advice. OPI seems to be the winner and you really should play with their website. Brilliant!