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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Butter Nail Varnish

Butter Nail Varnish. A company that stresses that they don't use any "bad stuff" in their products.

Great website, great shades for £12. Like seriously amazing shades. However I think I must have spent 1/2 hour convincing my friend Linsey to NOT purchase the coveted Fash Pack shade (photo attached). I can't help but wonder if all the "bad things" in polish are there for a reason? I don't want to get technical about each chemical component - that's not what I care about but I will tell you that after about three months it's really gloopy. It takes AGES to dry even with a top coat speeder upper and it doesn't last which is the main thing. As my other good friend Tammy said to me when you invest all that time applying, perfecting etc you expect it to bloody last!
Sorry Butter - I am just not going to purchase again even though I am very much in love with your British Racing Green.


  1. i do find it hard to beat OPI products for durability and long term use...they know their shit.

  2. They sure do darling and in fact I was going to mention to the lovely Stacy that she should check out their website http://www.opi.com/

    You can actually go to the tab called Try On This Colour and you can adjust the skin tone of your "hand" and try on different kinds. Grey tones will wash out pale hands and I would suggest if that's you sticking to a mushroom or OPI's Over The Taupe. Have fun!