"Love of beauty is Taste. The creation of beauty is Art" - Ralph Waldo Emerson (American poet)

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

My first post - it's truly exciting stuff. I have been thinking about this for ages and although I am not a seasoned writer I am very intersted in beauty and all the magic that it contains so I hope I can be of some use to someone or learn something here too!

My first post is on my favourite brand who I have tried and tested through and through and still amazes me - M.A.C cosmetics. Did you know that M.A.C was first created by two beautiful men in Toronto Canada (Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo) in 1984. However, the first store was opened in 1991 in the Big Apple (Greenwich Village). Makeup giant Estee Lauder acquired controlling interest of M.A.C in 1994 and since the 1998 completion of the aquisition have been running it ever since.

That's a little Canadian trivia for you:)

So they do a lot of amazing product but my first blog is on the new Cremesheen glass. An amazing nude shade called Fashion Whim. Brand new girls - it's great over and under darker colours and not sticky. You will have to reapply a few times over the course of the day but it's so much fun to put on - really creamy and no clumping!


  1. LOVE MAC! Will definitely try out this product!

  2. Happy New Blog! You are my beauty maestro, (not to mention just a beauty) looking forward to reading more.

    I love Mac too. I will be back with good questions

  3. Welcome to the blogging wonderland!

    If I'm taking beauty tips from anyone it's you!

    Question: Is the lanolin I just discovered in my lip balm the same stuff they get from sheep? Do sheep have to die to make my lip balm?

  4. My darlings! Welcome!

    I welcome questions and have all yours lined up so far.

    Stacy - Lanolin is not all that bad. No - sheep do not lose their life. Lanolin is a powerful moisture replenishing, preserving and emulsifying fat that is humanely obtained from the wool of sheep.

  5. Thanks!
    My lips thank you too.