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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The Dreaded Wrinkles

Oh - we're all gonna get em! There is not a lot we can do to stop time unfortunately. I had a request from Dawny to find her the ultimate wrinkle cream. I have asked around and will list my findings of course but I do know the following after looking at numerous websites...
a) stay the hell out of the sun (doesn't bode well Dawn with your Med lifestyle) and always use sunscreen.
b) no smoking.
c) drink water - a lot! 7 pints a day if you can manage.

Many of the anti-wrinkle creams and lotions you find at your drugstore or even at your high-end department store aren't likely to do much to reduce the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles. That's because they don't contain the kinds and/or the amounts of active ingredients that can truly have an effect on sagging skin.
Some of these products can, however, help remove dead cells from your skin cells that can "trap" make-up, making your skin look more wrinkled than it actually is. (Many women notice that when they wear make-up, their wrinkles appear magnified.) So by removing those cells, the creams and lotions may help your skin look slightly smoother. But that's not the same as reducing the wrinkles. I guess Botox or fillers would be temporary solutions but I don't think that method is right for me personally.
My friend Christie swears by Bio Oil (around £12-£16 depending on size). Most health food shops will sell. Also Waitrose ,Boots and Superdrug for those in the UK. I believe in Canada most drug stores. I would not use this if you suffer from oily skin however.
I have tried this myself and didn't like for me because of the strong scent but many many women swear by Boots Number 7 Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum. Around £19 for 30ml. They're always running out of stock so all those women can't be wrong right?
Defiantly splurge on a good moisturizer that has SPF protection. A favorite brand of friends is tried and trusted Kiehl's. They have numerous products with sun protection and also a new range for existing skin damage treatment. Various prices.
Not cheap but darling - you're worth it!

* I have researched wrinkles a bit more and they are genetic as well so if your mum and gramma have/had them you most likely will too.


  1. Hey Sar, finally checked out your blog. Very professional. Good on you. As for reducing wrinkles sleep helps. I just use Nivea anti-aging cream or whatever else is on special offer. I hate the way we women in our forties are being sold expensive creams that will have little or no effect.
    Fi x

  2. Ohhh Fi Fi - good to see you here. I have to agree and disagree - I do think that some of the more expensive creams do work better. Simple vs. Clarins there is no comparison however - the main wrinkle culprits like drinking enough water, staying out the sun, no smoking etc are the more important no no's to help combat. Thanks for comment!