"Love of beauty is Taste. The creation of beauty is Art" - Ralph Waldo Emerson (American poet)

Friday, 14 January 2011

2011 - Bring It!

I have been reading a lot of British Vogue & Vanity Fair among others - here are some things to try out for the new you!

Things on the up for 2011:

- Pastels & eye popping bright colours. Play around a little with bright lip colour and gloss - you don't have to go mental!

Nicki Minaj plays around with colour

- Matte Skin, luminous finish!  Beautifully natural-looking skin is the big look for 2011. For those not born with a fresh-faced glow, this look is all about the prep work. Prime skin with a moisturising serum before applying your foundation; then dust with pressed powder for a matte yet silky finish. I suggest you use a highlighter or primer.

- The perfect red lipI want to see some vamps out there!

- Seventies inspired big hair and side pinned.

Marc Jacobs Side Pinned Strands

Side Pinned 70's hair

- Nails are subtle stylish and  in Nudes alongside the new 'loval' shape: ask your manicurist for your nails to be filed long and oval.

- The hard-working kohl pencil, or liquid liner if you prefer, comes into focus for autumn/winter 2010-11. More than just the standard smoky eye, it's about playing with it and making it personal to you. Wrap kohl around the entire eye (inner rim to upper lid in one unbroken line) for a super-intensive look as seen at Gucci. Focus on the liner more than the mascara.

- Full eyebrows - thank goodness because I have exactly that. Bold and bushy is beautiful but keep them tamed!

 Alberta Ferretti, make-up artist Lucia Pieroni's 'little woodland nymphs' were led by she-who-has-the-most-covetable-brows-of-all, model Kim Noorda (pictured),


  1. The very first pic is a stunner! Just got my hair done today - I knew I should've went for the Rainbow Brite!

    You could totally wear that 70s hair!

  2. You could totally do the side pin. Not sure if mine is long enough yet. That, and the fact that I am totally lazy is hampering my hair ambitions.

  3. I will try the side pin - I am loving the 70's hair. I am quite lazy as well though. Would be a lot of curling action.