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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Steam Cream

Do you ever just want a decent moisturiser that's light and small enough to fit in your bag/gym kit and not so expensive it breaks the bank? One that smells nice which you can use for face and body? Well I have found that product for you people. So smooth, smells delicious, all natural, ethical, cheapish!

http://www.steamcream.eu/ - £10 at ASOS

Partner in crime Emma happened to get one from me for her birthday and she likes to use on her feet after a bath.

Question - what should I do with the tin when I am done? It's way too cute to throw out.

Emmanuelle Gingham Cat Edition


  1. Yes, I've been thinking the same thing, I might put small sweets in it, or perhaps keep hair clips? Mine lives next to my bed and I rub it into my hands (as well as feet!) to inhale the lovely lavender smell of it.

  2. spices? pills when travelling?