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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Miss Wax

I was taken in by the packaging at first. It was very retro and it made me think that it might be a relatively pleasant experience to wax the old moustache. Miss Wax Facial Hair Remover. It's cheap, does the job and lasts ages - well - as long as you don't have a full grown beard to remove and if you do I would suggest hormone pills which you should speak to your doctor about.

Heat on the oven burner at a very low level and it will eventually melt down. Test on your hand before face in case too hot. When it's the right temperature with a honey like texture you very carefully smooth on your clean and exfoliated area, with the application stick provided, stroking in the direction of the hair. Pat down as it dries but don't leave on till it's completely dry - rip in opposite direction of hair growth and voila! Hair free!

They have quite a few great products in the Miss Wax range. If you can't be bothered with any mess at all try the Miss Wax 20 Mini Hair Removal Strips (Organic Apple Blossom Sensitive Skin).

For your eyebrows - Miss Wax Eyebrow Shapers (21 pre cut eyebrow shapers).

If you don't have any facial hair to contend with and you're brave enough to attack your bikini line yourself give these a go. Cheaper than a beauty salon!

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