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Saturday, 9 July 2011

CHANEL Rose Gloss 445

Well it's almost been a week since mein guter Freund moved to Berlin but I have been having fun trying out her products that have been left in my care.

This CHANEL Rose Gloss is the prettiest pale pink around. I love it (don't worry Lins will use sparingly). Great for everyday but I think would be nice for a summer wedding. It's just really perfect for my mood today.

Nagellack ist fantastisch (let's see if she understands that and don't google!)


  1. Chanel nail polish is best for application, drying and longevity. I like their pale pinks.

  2. Thankyou Madam M! I am glad to see you here! I agree - they are exceptional - they always have the best shades.

  3. Where cn I buy this?

  4. Dear Anon
    I am not sure if you're in UK or North America. I did find this site where they will quote you depending on location. http://www.chanelnailpolish.info/2011/04/29/chanel-le-vernis-rose-gloss-445/

    Boots in the UK does sell most Chanel colours as well. However - sometimes the name can change or they may have discontinued as I don't see exact match here but you could go in and ask. http://www.boots.com/en/CHANEL-LE-VERNIS-Nail-Colour-13ml_6451/

    Selfridges is also really good and know which is closest match on ones that have changed name or been discontinued.


    Hope that helps.

  5. You can by it in eBay! Greets

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  6. That's great I could only find lippy so good news for you!