"Love of beauty is Taste. The creation of beauty is Art" - Ralph Waldo Emerson (American poet)

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Dreadlock Disaster

I couldn't believe this disaster on the way home last night. I didn't want to get too close for fear they'd attack me. Don't get me wrong - I really love well taken care of dreadlocks and am amazed by them. The sad thing is this guy will have taken years and years to grow these rat tails. Just an unkempt matted mess. An example of what not to do I thought.
Rat tails

Too long!

Now if he'd looked after them they might have looked like this which is rather dishy.


  1. My sister used to go out with a rasta, I remember him saying he didn't like dreadlocks on white people, probably for this very reason. His were always immaculate. This is just skanky...

  2. I think I might have to agree with rasta ex boyfriend but saying that I have seen a few rare times when it looked ok on white boys - they just need TLC - you can't get lazy. This was so bad..

  3. Nearly followed a short, fat man with ginormous skanky dreads earlier today to get you a picture. Then realised that was probably not the kind of photo you would be after!

  4. no but thanks anyhow:) xx