"Love of beauty is Taste. The creation of beauty is Art" - Ralph Waldo Emerson (American poet)

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Interview with Stacy


This is an interview I have wanted to do for awhile now. You can find her here. Stacy is a beautiful woman who I've always admired for being extremely confident and sassy and she constantly pounds it into my head that I am too (bless). She loves women and I think if given half the chance she'd try and style the world. She has a knack for spotting amazing vintage clothes. If you need advice or help on styling she's your girl. We met in Vancouver and lived next door to each other for a couple of years. She lives there with her stylish hubby Brad and her two cats Flo and Tilly.

1) You've always been into home remedies - what's your best home made beauty solution?
Tea Tree Oil for pimples. Grape Seed Oil for body oil. Water - drink  AT LEAST two litres a day. A diet of orange veggies and fruit like yams, peaches, mangoes and carrots for a collagen boost. Grapefruit and avocado for a detox. The grapefruit kills the yeast and the oils from the avocado push it out of your body.

2) What scent do you use if any?

Right now I'm using amber resin. Sometimes I wear straight up cedar essential oil or a mix of patchouli, ylang ylang and rose.

3) As a natural Nordic blonde what are some hair tips for those like you?

A good shampoo and conditioner. Nordic blonde's tend to suffer from very fine hair as well. If I don't use a good shampoo or conditioner my hair is tangled beyond belief. I use the Kerastase Volumactive line. I can definitely sympathize with Sienna Miller's bad hair.

4) We share a love of  facial hair on a man - explain why?

Oh yes. I like beards. Not all beards, but certain beards. I don't like a hairy neck, an over groomed beard or an overly thick beard. Beards add definition to a round face and accent beautiful eyes. When a man has a beard I can concentrate on his eyes, after all  the eyes are the caverns to the soul. 

I do not like goatees, soul patches or those billy goat chin tufts. Brad and I have written a new song to ACDC's Back in Black - it's a little diddy called Back In Beard and is about a guy that shaves off his beard for a girl and then she dumps him.

5) What is a complete turn off?

In Men - arrogance - which is really insecurity. Waxed chests and long finger nails. I don't care if you play guitar - it's gross!

In women it would be pseudo stupidity, synthetic perfume, flip flops and ill fitting clothes.

6) What turns you on?

Men - an old fashioned guy who can cook - seafood and vegetarian whole foods. I don't cook at all, I'm the bartender. If you're cooking in your boots and showing a little chest hair all the better.

Women - authenticity, confidence and a command of power tools.

People - manners and respect for the environment.

7) Do you have a favourite product what is it and why?

I use Touche Eclat #2 because I have very very pale almost translucent skin. The joke 'around town' is you can almost see my heart - quite poetic actually. I use it under my eyes. I use Bobbi Brown Liquid Skin foundation on my red nose. It has SPF 15. I don't use foundation anywhere else. I also use Bobbi Brown lipstick whichever shade the British guy at the counter says looks good.

8) Your husband Brad is a handsome devil - what are a couple of his favourite products for men?

He is a handsome devil isn't he.

Brad's answers are: Origins Ginger Souffle Whipped Body Cream used as shaving cream. A beard trimmer with attachments (ex: nose hair trimmer) and Kerastase Bain Volumactive.


  1. "Cooking in your boots" - love it!

    Interested to hear you use foundation just on your nose - as it chimes with an issue I have now. Post skin cancer surgery has left my nose with scars and its skin is not the same anymore (have the pale skin/red vein thing anyway). I use sunblock every day; foundation goes on fine on top everywhere - except my nose; just seems to sit there and not blend in at all. I try exfoliating regularly but can't seem to find a way to improve things.
    Any ideas?

  2. Thanks Neighbour! You are one SASSY mama yourself - but you already know this.

    Arabella - My nose is sundamaged too. I actually had a woman ask me (in my 20s) why my nose was so red (it was one of her questions when I was a tour guide and I was leading her and a group on a tour). She goes right along with the woman who asked me why my neck had so many wrinkles. Anyway...

    Now that I'm older the red has changed to broken capiliaries. Apparently, you can get those lasered off. I haven't thought about it yet. The Bobby Brown foundation is light almost translucent but it seems to dull the redness. I only use the smallest amount (Maybe one or .5 of a drop) Bobby Brown has a tendency to have big openings on her products so you use more. It brings my nose into a more even shade with the rest of my face. If I put foundation on my whole face I have to put more on my nose and then I have the same problem it seems you're having - it doesn't blend in. I use the touche eclat on the bottom sides of my nose and the tip. That product is a little more difficult to blend in as it's thicker. The exfoliating might irritate your capiliaries. I don't touch my nose when I exfoliate - just water. If I drink even one drink of wine my nose starts to throb and goes bright solid red. Not worth it!

    If you have a Bobby Brown counter in your city go in and have your makeup done. They usually give you some freebies. The foundation lasts a long time. I know Lancome is giving away tonnes of freebies right now you could also try their counter.

    I hope this helps.

  3. ps Sarah, I hope a British hipster is different than a North American hipster. Someone stole my feather headband...

  4. Very helpful, thank you. I had some laser treatment after the surgery and that helped but needs to be done again (find I'm a bit wary of having it done outside the US). Will stop exfoliating nose and see how that helps!. And yep, I drink too much! My skin just doesn't like the sun block but that's something I have to put up with now till I'm in me casket. Thanks for the tips.x

  5. What a fun interview with Stacy! Such a wise gal. Bijou living is the best.

  6. She sure is Dana - she's quite something:) Thanks for dropping by!