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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Ubertan Nasal Spray




New Tanning System

Ubertan is a revolutionary new nasal self tanning spray product that stimulates an increase in natural melanin production. Melanin is the body's sunscreen, a brown pigment which causes skin to darken providing a healthy and natural full body tan.
Ubertan can be used as a sunless tanning treatment or as an addition to your regular tanning sessions to boost and deepen your existing tan!
Results are even greater with some UV exposure. Increased melanin causes skin to darken instead of burning (red) when exposed to UV rays.

What is Ubertan?

Ubertan is a formula containing a natural blend of Melanin producing Amino and Fatty Acids which is administered daily until the desired colour is reached (typically 7 - 10 days) using the easy to administer nasal spray applicator. Maintaining your new colour is achieved by using the product only once or twice per week ongoing.

OK - buyer beware! I can't believe the lengths people will go to for a tan. This nice lady has done a lot more research. Probably not a great idea.


  1. does not work... do not waste your money like i did.............

  2. Thanks Anonymous! I figured...

  3. Colleague at work's boyfriend injects himself to turn himself brown. Brrr...

  4. it worked great for me

  5. works great for me and no side effects ?? need buy more sharonleewalsh@hotmail.co.uk