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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Batiste Dry Shampoo

I never, never, let myself run out of this. In fact I thought it was an important mention on this blog. Thursday night I didn't have a chance to wash my hair for the third day (don't be grossed out this is a normal occurrence for my poor, dry, naturally curly hair). I had been to the gym and it was looking a little (actually a lot) greasy but thank goodness I keep in my drawer at work.

This is a cult classic and I wanted to share with you in case you've not heard of it. For my North American readers I looked at various websites and doesn't look like they have it but Ebay sells (not cheap there though!). But here in Blighty it's super cheap at approx £2.09 - for which I am most thankful.

Note: It comes out like a fine white powder spray. If you have very dark or black hair I would purchase the special version for black hair or you could look like you have dandruff or going prematurely white. Most brunettes/red heads will be fine with the normal versions as long as you work it into the hair well.

Directions:  Shake can vigorously before use and in between sprays. Hold can approximately 30cm from hair and spray lightly giving even coverage. Use fingertips to massage through hair and leave for a few moments. Brush product out, preferably using a natural brush.

Superdrug http://www.superdrug.com/bin/venda?ex=co_wizr-locayta&template=wz_locayta&pageno=1&perpage=24&collate=ivtype%3Aprice%3Acat%3Abrand&refine_sort_alph=&setsortorder=relevance&fieldrtype=type&termtextrtype=&typertype=exact&fieldcatrestrict=xancestorid&termtextcatrestrict=shop&typecatrestrict=exact&typekeywordsearch=keyword&termtextkeywordsearch=batiste

I would use ASOS as they have every single kind made and many different scents to try. I personally love the Tropical and the Fresh. Diva made me a bit sick.


Of course they aren't the only ones that do a dry shampoo, some companies have tried to follow in their footsteps and I have used Lee Staffords version when Boots had sold out of Batiste and I also tried AVEDA's Pure Abundance Hair Potion for £17.50 (must have felt minted that day) but always come back to using this.

Have I raved enough!?


  1. I have often wanted to try a dry shampoo. Will definitely look for product here. Also wanted to let you know I enjoyed the blog about shampooing your hair. Great tips - made your dad read it too - he always uses too much product. Can you research cuticle repair. My hands are so dry and get hangnails. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for commenting my darling Mum- I will absolutely look into cuticle repair. I do know that I preach to you about the importance of wearing gloves. Please. It's important for delicate hands and everyone knows that you can tell a ladies age by her hands so take care.

    If you're minted enough you can treat yourself to an awesome hand cream like Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment. Wear just before bed - don't wash off. Put on your night table and it will do it's magic whilst you sleep.

    Body Shop does an almond oil cuticle treatment - it's around £7.00 and last ages. The trick is to leave on as long as you can. Like conditioning your hair.

    Dad - I want to know if he prefers the organic shaving cream I bought?

  3. Gloves every time! Yes please to tips on cuticle unguents.
    I bought my sister the Clarins hand/nail cream and she raves about it. Maybe I should treat myself...

  4. You can also get Batiste in travel-size cans, so very good for weekend breaks, or handbags. Also, can highly recommend Clarins hand/nail, well worth it.

  5. My life would be a greasy rooted mess without Batiste. Love the stuff. Get jittery if I haven't got a spare can in the house.

  6. Cat in fact you were the one that told me about it so you rock!
    Clarins hand and nail is pretty special. Emma bought for me and I am hooked.
    Mother - do you hear! Arabella and I are firm on the gloves!