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Friday, 15 October 2010

Keep It Clean!

Nobody likes eye infections or rashes. Makeup can be the absolute worst for collecting bacteria so it's really important that you keep your brushes and sponges clean. Also make sure your hands are clean before application!

1. Wash the makeup residue and oil from brushes regularly by adding a few drops of baby shampoo or Fairy liquid to the palm of your hand, wetting the brush and swirling it around in the soap until no makeup washes out. Foam applicators or sponges can be dipped into soapy water and squeezed gently until no makeup emerges. Rinse all of the makeup tools well and allow to air dry.

2. Avoid sharing products with friends to keep makeup sanitary. It's too easy to transfer germs that can cause infections like Conjunctivitis (pink eye - gross!) via a mascara wand, eyeliner, eyeshadow applicator or makeup brush, for example.

3. Use particular makeup care with products that you use on or near your eyes. Mascara should only be used for two months or replaced even sooner if its color or smell begins to change. If you've had an eye infection or cold, for example, be sure to clean eye makeup immediately, particularly mascara. Some mascaras last longer like my £20 version but I buy bacteria wipes from any grocery store and just ensure that I am constantly keeping the wand clean.

4. Replace solid, stick-type makeup at least once a year, particularly if it's a stick concealer or foundation product that you've used to dab on blemishes. It's also important to keep makeup sanitary by touching only a clean makeup brush or applicator to the bottle instead of your fingertip to minimize germs.

5. Buy some disinfectant wipes  and use them frequently to wipe down your brushes after use. I like to give my concealers and lipsticks a gentle wipe and clean off any old residue before use. This will keep the makeup looking fresh and therefore better on your face.




  1. Some of us do not use brushes. Some of use just use our fingers. This is why we always look smudged, I think.

  2. Annie - please invest in a good brush - at least for eyeshadow it really will make all the difference. A nice soft one will make application so much nicer and easier and I have this one - it's lasted me over 6 years now and I just keep it clean.

  3. You can give me lessons on how to use it. Yay! Sarah makeup lessons!

  4. I can and I will! Of course!