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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Pregnancy Stretch Marks and my Correspondent Mothers

I know a lot of seriously hot mothers. That's why I knew it was a good idea to send an email round asking about skin care during pregnancy (and after) and what they did to help reduce stretch marks. I myself have not had a baby but I have lost some weight and can see a few on my lower back and hip region so going to try a few things myself. Thank you to my correspondent mum's!

Leila says - "See link - http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Stretch-marks/Pages/Prevention.aspx - basically its about a good moisturising routine in my case I used good old fashioned aqueous cream and had no stretch marks. Lots of people swear by Bio Oil but to be honest I suspect it is more about feeling you have some control over your rapidly changing body. It is good to pamper and the products can give you a little boost even from simply smelling nice - I like Burts Bees. Overall I would say treat yourself (they aren't cheap!) you deserve it but don't be disappointed if you still get stretch marks and they do fade promise!"

Lisa says - "As far as stretch marks go I believe it's a genetic thing. You will either get them or you won't. That being said I lubed up with Bio Oil the whole time and didn't get one."

Brianna says -  "I have used plain old coconut oil from the health food store or a natural pharmacy throughout both pregnancies and I am happy to report that I do not have one stretch mark. I was fanatical about it and put it on twice a day, starting as soon as I found out I was pregnant and well before I started showing. I know alot of people spend tons of money on pregnancy/belly creams, oils and lotions but coconut oil is natural, non-irritating, cheap, and it worked for me. I am still using it on my whole mid section (breasts, stomach, thighs, muffin top and bum) as everything shrinks back into place, just to keep things toned and smooth."

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