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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Chanel - Paradoxal

Photo and Nails by Maggie

[adjective] seemingly contradictory but nonetheless possibly true.

Paradoxal is not a word (of course you knew that already) but when you see the colour you get the take on Paradox. It's fitting for this perfectly interesting shade by Chanel. My glamorous friend Maggie brought it to my attention and has kindly modelled so we could share with you today.

Lots of us agree that sometimes it's really hard to find a shade that suits your skin and that switches easily from day to night so that's why Mag's likes this one so much. The polish has everything she wants - gothy, vampy, somewhat saucy but sophisticated.  It's very modern and suited to all ages. It has a grayish undertone which is suitable for day wear and the very slight shimmer can only be seen outdoors making it more interesting. She also mentioned that it holds up well and this photo was two days in and she has been doing dishes, bathing babies and changing nappies.

Get it while you can ladies - it's set to be become the highest in demand Fall/Winter 2010. If you can't afford it right now then this is the runner up (taken from Nikki's nail blog).

On Another Note:
Mag's also found this - check out Serena Williams grand-slam duo pack! http://www.alllacqueredup.com/


  1. Love it.
    It may have enough brownish in it to keep my hands from looking like Zombie paws.

  2. That is THE colour! Well done Sar, I shall be adding this to my collection.