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Friday, 22 October 2010

Topshop Makeup

I went out last Friday night after work with a friend that was visiting from Canada. I wanted her to experience a Friday night in an English pub. We managed to drink our weight in wine and I woke up the next morning still drunk with a realisation that I had promised her a trip to Topshop among other department stores on Oxford Street, London.

Has anyone ever done this hungover? As Ashley, (Canadian friend) wandered around the shop she put it perfectly "there are no words for this experience". It is mental in there. You have to be mental to try and do it on a Saturday in the first place but we survived and I have to say it is still one of the best shops London. They have all the pretty things you could ever want - you could go bankrupt in just a few short minutes.

So they have their own makeup range now which I am really impressed with. I am completely in love with their Kohl Dust in Ash. This stuff is easy to manipulate to get that smokey eye look and you can really vamp it up by putting on a few layers or tone it down using your fingers for a light coat.  It has a little sponge applicator which is handy for applying under the eye. It is dust though so be careful not to get on your clothes. Tip: keep makeup remover or a wipe close by for your hands. I have also tried the Nails in Under and Over which I thought did work very well for a base and top coat mix. Reasonably priced so check it out although if you are stupidly hungover save yourself a lot of drama and purchase online. Thank goodness for the Interweb!

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