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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Decolletage - Don't Ignore It!

Decolletage! I love that word don't you? It's rather fun to say. It is a wonderful word for a beautiful part of the body. Why do you need to care for your skin there? Because the skin on your decolletage is thinner than on your face, which makes it a tell-tale area for signs of aging.

Firstly - it needs gentle exfoliation as well as the face. Softly, softly and in a circular motion.

Pat dry - pick up your face moisturiser and put in palm. Stroke upwards starting at your neck up to your face. Always pulling up - never down. Make sure you're putting more cream on your chest and neck area than your face.

Golden rule - you MUST MUST MUST wear sunscreen on your decolletage! Do not go out of the house without applying in the sunny months when uncovered.

I believe just using a good face cream will do if you start early enough. If you're now a little worried and are seeing lines get something a bit stronger. This one from AVON had good reviews.

This one is for the ladies that have some cash to blow - I am going to try and convince my Mum to buy and test for us.

I have started using this on my decolletage and I like it because it's not greasy and it has collagen in it so must be good!
Sorry - couldn't resist. But Salma has a lovely decolletage!


  1. I wish I was told this in my teens and twenties. Having a convertible for 16 years played havoc on my decolletage. Genetics play into it too. Now I have wrinkle chest :(

    I've always been a fan of those 'milky white' chests too ;)

  2. Thank you - I slap on the goo but don't exfoliate there. Never too late imo, starting this evening!

  3. Hi guys - yes - I am running a bit late as well in looking after it. I never used sunscreen as a teen and a little scared I've gone the point of no return but it's no longer looked over.

    Arabella - just gentle remember. Very delicate skin. Good luck!