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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Mascara - What's In Your Bag?

Mascara - I can't even think of how many I've tested. When I talk to women about what's in their makeup bag it's always something new and exciting that I haven't tried yet and everyone has a favourite they tend to go back to. I personally like to change each time I buy one. The technology is vast with all the brush choices, long lasting wear, waterproofing, moisturising qualities, different colours... the list goes on and on.

Here is my recent purchase by DuWop - Lash Venom. I really, really like it. As I should for £20 but what the heck - I'm worth it! Adds great length to my very short lashes. Easy to apply and dries quickly. A few coats really makes my eyes pop.

I was short on change one month so opted for a cheapy and went for the new Falsies by Maybelline. £7.99 at Boots. I was really impressed. I thought it would be clumpy but it worked really well and easy application. It doesn't last as long as the more expensive mascaras but would buy again.

I am a huge fan of Lancome mascaras. I think Christie (from Exfoliating Cleanser fame) originally told me they were the best and they are. I have tried loads (each time I go to Duty Free I will be tempted to buy one). For a full body mascara try Hypnose Drama. I found this really does plump and separate. Great brush - easy to use. Pocket burner but lasts a long time. 

My friend Tanya likes this one by Kiehl's and I think I will try next on her recommendation.

Lash tip if you don't want to spend loads and just want an everyday solution:

Buy a mascara applicator or save an old one and clean it. You can clean an old mascara applicator by soaking it in baby oil then wash it with hot soapy water. You will now only use this applicator to apply Vaseline on your eyelashes. Put a bit of Vaseline on your clean mascara applicator. Then apply to your eyelashes just as you would apply mascara. The gloss of the Vaseline will give you the appearance of a longer lash.

Application Tip:
- Wiggle the wand left to right at the base of lashes. It's the mascara placed near the roots not the tips that gives the illusion of length.

- Pull the wand up and through lashes, wiggling as you go. The wiggling part is key because it separates lashes.

Ladies - what's in your bag right now?


  1. Benefit – Bad Gal Lash in brown. Despite the name, it's just a lovely, simple, no-clump separating mascara. But I agree – Lancome are always a good big-name brand for mascara.

    What REALLY annoys me is that all mascara ads that are "styled with inserts" WTF is the point?

  2. Maybelline - (the pink/yellow one) in brownish black. Actually it's in the bathroom because I don't re-apply during the day.
    Agree about Lancome. Once received two mini freebies when purchasing my regular foundation. Likey!
    And I don't wiggle enough. That will change now of course.

  3. another awesome tip!
    I used to use the Lancome too. Switched to Maybelline Full & Soft when I was broke. Then it was discontinued so I switched to the pink one. Made a mess trying to take it off so I didn"t like it. Received a sample of YSL Noir Radical and have been using that for awhile.

  4. Yeah, i would buy Lancome all the time if i could. Also I know that the Maybelline Great Lash gets hyped all the time as best all around mascara and I seriously do NOT get that...crap as far as I'm concerned. Another interesting discovery for me was the Cover Girl Lash Blast -- it is super natural looking and never seems to flake off. Good for day to day but not or a night on the town.

  5. I'm a fan of Clinique mascara. Funny...as much as I love MAC costmetics, I HATE their mascara!