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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Update on Matte Effect

I wasn't sure about how I felt in regards to the matte. I tried it with a few colours and it just didn't look right until I did my nails last night with a standard cherry red (Gwen in Ciate ASOS Nail Paints - which is now out of stock sorry!).

This was the matte effect product I purchased from Rimmel and I am pleased with how it holds up - not as good as a glossy topcoat but for the price (£4.50) you can't go wrong. I would definitely add to your collection because sometimes a girl needs a change.


  1. When I'm rich and famous I'll fly you out here - no wait, I'll go there - to show me how to get nails like that. According to my friend, I have 80s rapper nails.

  2. I think it looks lovely. But I'd also like to try it with pale colours, even white.

    BTW, we need to go to Wah Nails in Kingsland Road some time...

    check it out http://wah-nails.com/

  3. Essie also do a good matte top coat. I like the matt look with nude shades!

  4. Your nails look gorge but I'm not sure about matte nails either...i'm just a sucker for some super shiny colour.

  5. Hi Anonymous (Mags). I am going to try a beige color next. In winter I just crave dark colours but have purchased a nice camel beige so will try. Thanks.

    Annie - sure! Wah Nails! Let's do it!

    Chris - after I paint my nails I totally don't want to ruin the gloss either but this is kind of fun for change.

    Stac - that's just hilarious. Am sure it's not true but hey - nothing wrong with RunDMC nails!