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Monday, 1 November 2010

Lipstick Queen - Black Tie Optional

My darling friend Catherine asked me which product I used when we were on a girls weekend in Spain which gives your lipstick a retro matte effect like screen sirens from the 50's. I happen to have found a wonderful product sold at SpaceNK (check here for other retailers around the globe). I can't find the link that shows this particular product there but they definitely do sell it. It's called Black Tie Optional by Lipstick Queen who are based in New York. It's £18.00 for the stick but it lasts forever.

You apply on clean, dry (preferably exfoliated) lips, one coat will do and then apply your chosen colour. It takes the shine out and gives that retro effect like it's been powdered. It makes reds look like a true blue toned red.

I also use with my Chanel Rouge Noir to make it darker.
Pucker Up!

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